Sri Aurobindos Vision and Work ncc

Sri Aurobindo’s Vision and Work (TE 252)

This is an interactive session with a group of seekers from Brazil. Some of the questions taken up include India, Auroville, Ashram, Freedom, Present condition of the world, Suffering, Compassion.

2019 12 World Transformation in Savitri

World Transformation in Savitri (TE 248)

Sri Aurobindo spoke of transformation and the collective yoga. This talk takes up this subject of how we can participate in the process of world transformation in the light of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

The Awakening fin

The Awakening Soul of India (TE 244)

Dr Alok Pandey shares his thoughts on two landmark events on Nov 12 2019 in the Indian subcontinent. These events are the opening of Kartarpur Corridor from India to Pakistan and, second, the final judgment on the Ramjanambhoomi

The End of Death 2019 08 22 1080

The End of Death (TE 239)

This talk delivered at Savitri Bhavan, Auroville takes up the subject of conquest over death including physical immortality.