SVH 40

The Word of Fate (SVH 40) Book 6 Canto 1

In this canto, Narad the divine sage comes to Aswapati’s palace as Savitri returns from her quest. The fate of Savitri and Satyavan is at once revealed before his subtle vision.

SVH 39 Satyavan and Savitri B5C3

Satyavan and Savitri (SVH 39) Book 5 Canto 3

Satyavan and Savitri meet in a moment of the soul. They are wedded before the Sun of Truth in the forest itself. Their soul, the Truth embedded within it, the Divine within, is their witness. Nature has set the stage for this heavenly betrothal.

SVH 36 The Quest B4C4

The Quest (SVH 36) Book 4 Canto 4

Savitri ventures out into this wide world, leaving the safety of her father’s palace and searching for the humanity that carries within it the material for the future type. This is her quest, the quest for her partner in this game divine

SVH 33 The Birth of the Divine Mother B4C1

Birth of the Divine Mother (SVH 33) Book 4 Canto 1

Savitri arrives but unlike the ordinary human birth, this is a conscious birth. She is the Divine Mother who has prepared the body and mind that will be fit and ready to receive her. She brings with her the new possibilities for earth and men.

SVH 27 The Unknowable Book 3 Canto 1

The Unknowable (SVH 27) Book 3 Canto 1

Aswapati stands at the doors of the Unknowable. The Unknowable cannot be known by the Mind. It can be known if It so chooses to reveal Itself to us. One has to wait with endless patience, wait upon the Grace at the peaks of creation.