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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri Veda (in Hindi)

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Video in Hindi
This talk is a summary of Book Two Canto Thirteen of Savitri. Here cease the limits of Mind. All is plunged in the nirvana of a vast impersonality, formless, causeless, a state of escape into vacant Nothingness. It is not the state of pure Existence but of Its reflection in the mind substance.
The doors of the Ineffable have been opened for Aswapati by the Grace of the Divine Mother. He has become one with the Cosmic Being, a universal personality who is now part of the first seers who guide creation on its destined paths.
video in hindi
Aswapati stands at the doors of the Unknowable. The Unknowable cannot be known by the Mind. It can be known if It so chooses to reveal Itself to us. One has to wait with endless patience, wait upon the Grace at the peaks of creation.
Video in Hindi
Savitri ventures out into this wide world, leaving the safety of her father’s palace and searching for the humanity that carries within it the material for the future type. This is her quest, the quest for her partner in this game divine