The Glory and the Fall of Life (SVH 12) Book 2 Canto 3

This talk by Dr Alok Pandey is a brief summary of Book Two Canto Three.

Life is a mystery, more so because it is full of contradictory movements. Now it climbs towards heavenly heights, now it races towards hell. Now it is seized with a frenzy to achieve the Ultimate, now it lies low in the obscure mud of despair and self-pity. Here in this Canto Sri Aurobindo gives us a comprehensive picture of life, not merely life as we ordinarily experience it, but life in all its ranges and possibilities. After all Sri Aurobindo’s main work is the transformation of earthly life into Life Divine. But it is only possible if there is a divine possibility in life. It is this which is being described as the Glory of Life. But it is equally important to see how and why it fell from that possibility as it entered the world of matter.

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