The Gifts of Time, pp. 586-588 (SH 290)

Death offers Savitri boons that could make her earthly life comfortable and happy but refuses to yield Satyavan. Savitri reminds Death that she is conscious of her soul and hence does not come to him as a supplicant to his throne.

The Gleam of Hope, pp. 584-586 (SH 289)

Even in this utter darkness, this dense cloak of emptiness and desolation there is lit in the heart of Savitri the undying flame of Hope. The gleam of Hope is felt like a torture to the Night. But Death confronts Savitri now with a questioning scorn.

The Courtyard Fence of Death, pp. 579-581 (SH 287)

Savitri follows Satyavan in his journey through the Night. She reaches the domain where strange subconscious moods and dream-like visages and phantoms stare at her. Death turns to her being and cries to her to return back and go no further than this.

In the Footsteps of Death, pp. 576-579 (SH 286)

Even as Satyavan departs, Savitri now follows in the footsteps of Death. She must wrestle with the Shadow and bring back Satyavan. With this goal in view she starts a long journey along with Death and the soul of Satyavan that is being carried away.

The Mighty Mother Awakes, pp. 572-574 (SH 284)

In that moment of deep crisis, the mighty Mother awakes in the being of Savitri. She takes charge and control of her body and mind, thought and will. She is now prepared to confront the enigma of the Night embodied in Death.

Moment of Crisis and the Strength Within, pp. 571-572 (SH 283)

We carry in our depths the strength to face any challenge that falls as our share of Destiny. In fact moments of crisis are also moments when we can discover some utmost source of strength within us. Thus is it for Savitri who in this moment of utter despair taps into her highest and deepest source of strength.

The Moment of Death, pp. 563-566 (SH 282)

The moment has arrived and Satyavan falls while felling a tree. Death has arrived unceremoniously but Savitri still holds him close and would not let go of her clasp. Even death must hesitate and wait until she loosens her clasp around Satyavan.

The Cosmic Spirit and Oneness, pp. 556-557 (SH 280)

Now Savitri arrives at the ultimate stages of her yoga whence She discovers and identifies herself with who She is in her inmost Truth, – the Divine Mother Herself. Though Transcendent and Universal, She has assumed an individual form for the work She has come to do.

Unity of God and Creation, pp. 554-556 (SH 279)

She emerges into the state of Unity where God and Creation are true and one. Upon the experience of illusion develops another, deeper state that reveals to her the secret of creation. It is this Supramental state in which the unity of God and creation is experienced.

A Vast Impersonality, pp. 552-554 (SH 278)

What could be said of the personality of one whose ego has been dissolved? The person becomes a vast field, an illimitable centre for God’s Work. His speech and his silence help the toiling world. Such is the state of Savitri as described here.

Beyond Being and Non-Being, pp. 547-549 (SH 276)

Savitri ascends further in her journey. She goes beyond the Manifest and the Unmanifest, beyond Existence, beyond Being and Non-being towards the sheer Absolute. These are of course very profound spiritual realisations that cannot be grasped by the human mind.