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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Writings by Alok Pandey on Yoga

Our outer acts, even gestures and postures should somewhere reflect something of this divinity within. Even a ritual act must be at once a symbol as well as expressive of an inner movement.
The deer, the cheetah and man himself are parts and plots of the great epic of creation in which nothing is eventually destroyed but recycled into better forms. When we understand this then the play becomes delightful.
A state of crisis raises the storm of fear, agitation and anxiety in us and fills the mind with clouds of doubt. Therefore we become momentarily blind to the presence of the Sun.
The principle behind transformation is that our limited Nature has behind its seemingly mechanical workings a perfect Intelligence, a Supernature, a Conscious Force prompting and pushing from behind, expressing itself as an intuition and a wonder in her workings.
Instead of all the complex analysis we just need to be simple as a lily floating into the river of Grace, be as a flower opening to Her, offered at Her Feet.
The degree of refinement of our senses depends upon the quality of our consciousness. At the same time if the senses indulge in crude pleasures our consciousness becomes more and more heavy and gross.
If only we could learn to be simple and humble and open like a flower to the Grace, then life would be so much wonderful. But the sceptic mind stands in the way and an aggressively selfish consciousness opens doors to fear and closes it to the Grace.
We are living in an age of synthesis and any exclusive approach is not in sync with the demands of the Age. Instead of taking a confrontationist approach, it would have been more mature to call for a discussion as to how different approaches can help improve the quality of human life.
True bhakti is in fact very rare and if one finds it then it is a special Grace. Such a person is always happy with the Lord since in life and in death he is always with Him, which is what the bhakta truly seeks.
True spiritual life begins with an aspiration, a seeking for the Divine, to discover and become one with Him. Whatever helps in process is good whether it be a ritualistic worship or doing one's work with dedication to God for the joy of serving Him.
This is in response to a comment by a fellow devotee that due to our short life span when we realize our goals and learn a few things about life, the time is up to leave the body and start afresh.
Finding the psychic being is a journey rather than a process. It is much more a movement of the heart that defies any method. And yet we can speak of methods that certainly hasten the finding of the psychic being and its emergence in our life. 
The essence of all that is happening and would happen is to push humanity through the doors of the inner being into a higher and greater consciousness.
The way to deal with this shadow is to persistently offer it to the Divine Mother until it is transformed. No human effort can deal with this. Precisely because of the difficulty of this task we are told to rely more and more on the Grace.