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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Writings by Alok Pandey on Yoga

Often the modern readers tend to turn these wonderful epics merely into stories with social and moral themes. Naturally when the stories do not neatly fit into these definitions then all kinds of explanations are built either to justify or else to denounce the epic.
The right moment has arrived, the season has changed and slowly or suddenly there bursts out of the soil of human nature a new shoot, tender and small yet carrying within it hope and new possibilities of the future.
Surrender means many things which can be arranged in a graded manner. First of all, it means handing over the responsibility of one’s life and destiny. even of one's work and sadhana, to the Divine.
To discover the priceless pearls one must dive deep within and be willing to lose, for some time at least, the surface bonds that keep us tied to the small and narrow outposts of life and its little pleasures and joys and griefs.
An essay by Dr Alok Pandey in English
... in most cases the absorbing interest in fulfillment of vital desires as well as the time and energy needed just for maintaining the framework of the family life leaves little room and time for spiritual self-growth which demands a greater and greater one-pointedness.
A five-part article by Dr Alok Pandey (TEXT)
There is a tendency to think that people who take to spiritual life become incapacitated for dealing with real life issues. Nothing can be farther from truth. This misconception is based on a wrong understanding of true spirituality and a wrong understanding of life as well.
The worship of Rama, Sita, Krishna, Radha, Christ, Buddha, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is not just some kind of demonstrative act of devotion. It is a recognition that here are some lives that man can emulate. It is a recognition of divinity within the reach of man.