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At the Feet of The Mother

The Role of Heart and Mind

The heart centre, as it is referred to in the spiritual literature, is located in the subtle body in the centre of the chest. It is the seat of emotions. The physical heart is only its symbolic organ that responds to the emotional changes within us. The psychic being is behind this heart centre.

In the course of evolution mind, especially the rational discerning mind develops later and hence most human beings are not in any real possession of it. They are driven by desire, ambition and passion. Yet since human beings do have a mind as the supposed leader there is a need in most human beings who begin to evolve a step further, beyond the first formula of an early animal humanity to bring their actions before the light of the mind prior to executing them. However most human beings actually execute the action and later bring it before the tribunal where they use the reason to justify it. This happens because desires and passions are too strong and being older in the evolutionary hierarchy have a much greater hold upon human nature.

It takes long and a sustained will to develop the discerning intellect and start exercising it to control our movements. The first step is to stop justifying everything we do automatically. The next step is to learn to separate the discerning mind and look at our actions and impulses dispassionately, best before or at least after the act and see  whether it is aligned to the higher goal or even in terms of a truly human ideal. By doing this with perseverance, slowly one is able to separate a part of the mind from the rest of our nature which can then exercise at least a reasonable control over our nature.

Of course a total control cannot come until the psychic being takes the lead and steps in the front and nature undergoes some degree of a psychic transformation.

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