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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Writings by Alok Pandey on Yoga

Guru or the one who gives Light, one who is heavy with Wisdom is an aspect of the Divine.  He also represents the Compassion of the Divine that leans down into the earthly play to help man
... one has to learn to strive rightly and patiently. To learn to wait is to put Time on our side. To be restless and impatient is to delay things further. Even an intense prayer should be full of trust and patience
The first thing is to make the Divine discovery our goal, not as one of the many goals but the most important thing that we need to discover. 
One can practice psychological methods of widening by contemplating the boundlessness of Space, the endlessness of Time. Even a few moments of such contemplation is enough to liberate oneself from the clutch of the moment.
A true remedy is the growth of faith. Faith naturally grows as we go nearer to our soul. But the simplest is to call the Mother's Name.
The main work is within and it is this inner work in each one that provides the needed fulcrum for the larger collective work.