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1.7 What Causes Illness?

Illness is primarily an inner disequilibrium, that is, an information and a pointer that something is not quite right in the individual unit of life. A lack of plasticity, this maladaptive lifestyle, this growing restlessness and dissatisfaction with almost everything, this imbalance of life that encourages extremes and not a holistic integral development, this bombardment of forces from near and afar, all this translates itself into one single language – the language of illness.

49. Supermind and the other Planes of Higher Knowledge

Supermind and the other Planes of Higher Knowledge

What exactly is the difference between the Supermind and the Overmind?

The Supermind is the total Truth Consciousness; the Overmind draws down the truths separately and gives them a separate activity — e.g. in the Supermind the Divine Peace and Power, Knowledge and Will are one. In the Overmind each of these becomes a separate aspect which can exist or act on its own lines apart from the others. When it comes down to Mind they turn into an ignorance and incapacity

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Paris and Tlemsen (1905-1912)

The Mother’s high inner realization and spiritual radiance soon attracted towards her many seekers. In 1906 a small group was formed under her guidance, which was named Idea. They met regularly on Wednesday evenings at her house, first in rue Lemercier, later in rue des Lévis and after 1910 in rue Val de Grâce. Apart Read More


Symbol Moon

Once again thou hast climbed, O moon, like a white fire on the glimmering edge, Floating up, floating up from the haunted verge of a foam-tremulous sea

I know that AV will be

THE MOTHER: I know that Auroville will be

“… seeing all this, the imminence of the catastrophe, there was a sort of call or aspiration to bring down something that could at least neutralize that error. And it came, an answer […] if I translate it into words, I may say something like this: “That’s why you have created Auroville.”

A Magnificent Heavenly

A Magnificent Heavenly Darshan in Matrimandir – Champaklal

As soon as I stepped in, She saturated me. I entered an altogether different world. I had to struggle to keep my eyes open. Ultimately they got closed. The whole of Matrimandir seemed to be rolling from side to side. So I opened my eyes and saw that Matrimandir was steady, but again as I shut them, Matrimandir appeared to be tossing and turning like before.