12 Study and Sadhana

Study and Sadhana

Does not the Yoga mean to keep the mind quiet and turn it always to the Divine?

Do you mean to say that in order to have quietness of the mind one must do nothing? Then neither the Mother nor I nor anyone else here has a quiet mind. Doing nothing with the mind is not quietude or silence.

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The Yoga of the World (HH 104)

We follow the trail of the Mother’s Yoga of the body where Her Body has become the symbolic representation of all bodies and Her Descent into Earth the Supreme’s sacrifice into Matter for its redemption. Step by step the Mother reveals the secret passage out of man to superhumanity that has been worked out in Her and through Her for all of us who can open with aspiration, trust and surrender.

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The Law of Vital Worlds, pp. 178-179

Each world is governed by its own inherent and intrinsic law. Its beings and creatures as well as those who act under its influence come under this law and experience things accordingly.

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8.4 Causes of Illness

Sweet Mother, if someone falls seriously ill, is this a purely physical phenomenon or is it a difficulty in his spiritual life?

That depends on the person! If it is someone who is doing yoga, it is quite obviously a difficulty in his spiritual life. If it is somebody who is not at all engaged in yoga […] it is an ordinary accident … The outer phenomena may be similar, but the inner causes are absolutely different. No two illnesses are alike

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3.8 The Detached Witness

Hope and fear, joy and grief, liking and disliking, attraction and repulsion, content and discontent, gladness and depression, horror and wrath and fear and disgust and shame and the passions of love and hatred fall away from the liberated psychic being.

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Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry 9

We quote a part of Purani’s report of the interview which shows that even in 1918 Sri Aurobindo knew and assured him that the freedom of India would be won by other means than revolutionary activities.

TOD 52 Remembering Sri Aurobindo - Arabinda Basu (SB 2009)

Remembering Sri Aurobindo

A talk at Savitri Bhavan on 25th April 2009 by Prof. Arabinda Basu (1918 – 2012), who had first darshan of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on 15th August, 1941. Several important letters on the Mother were written to him by Sri Aurobindo.

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The Far-off Unseen End, p. 178

This world of little life seems to be a failure when seen from one angle. But that is an error of sight. Each is a step in an inevitable chain that climbs towards the Eternal. This is a step that the force and power of Life takes in its upward ascension.

11 Physical Mind

Physical Mind

How to stop the physical mental from that activity before it takes deep root?

What do you mean? Activity of the physical mind is not a new thing that needs to take root. It has been there very well rooted since you began your human evolution in the primaeval forests.

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The Past Heritage and Future Destiny of Man

The Self of man is a thing hidden and occult; it is not his body, it is not his life, it is not — even though he is in the scale of evolution the mental being, the Manu, — his mind. Therefore neither the fullness of his physical, nor of his vital, nor of his mental nature can be either the last term or the true standard of his self-realisation