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Part 5: All Shall Be Done

[…] the Mother had already started working upon a new strategy for the Divine Victory. The coming of children during the war provided this opportunity and though the Ashram School took roots unofficially somewhere around 1943, it was officially made known to the world in 1952. Thus began the next phase of the Divine experiment in the Divine laboratory.

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Savitri Study Camp 23-04 “God the Fire” pp 613-614 (video)

The Divine Mother is here to transform the creation. For this She has come armed with the Power of boundless Love that embraces all things and lifts them to the One. She further reveals that Satyavan and Savitri have met and known and worked for this divine consummation from life to life.

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“Descend into me, Mother, in all Thy divine glory; seize my mind and fill it with Thy light; seize my will and make it an instrument of Thy work; seize my whole being and make it a perfect vehicle of the great joy of divine love.”

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Explorations in Savitri 097 pp 252-254

As if she knew not facts are husks of truth,
The husks she keeps, the kernel throws aside.
An ancient wisdom fades into the past,
The ages’ faith becomes an idle tale,
God passes out of the awakened thought….

52. Physical Mind

Physical Mind

Why is my physical mind not happy with your answers to what I write?

Something in your physical mind stiffens and begins to defend its views. It is better to wait till it is more supple and plastic. Mental discussions are not good for sadhana but only for clarifying the intellect which is not so important at this stage as other things.

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Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 9

Sri Aurobindo had a more or less definite conception — it was, indeed, a foreknowledge — even in his childhood, of the mission of his life. This foreknowledge is not something very rare; it has been a usual, if rather extraordinary, phenomenon in the lives of the supreme prophets, poets and pioneers.

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2.04 Constant Inward Remembrance

Whatever we see and hear, whatever we touch and sense, all of which we are conscious, has to be known and felt by us as That which we worship and serve; all has to be turned into an image of the Divinity, perceived as a dwelling-place of his Godhead ….