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2.11 The Perfect Supramental Action

The perfect supramental action will not follow any single principle or limited rule […] Its sole aim will be the expression of the divine in us and the keeping together of the world and its progress towards the Manifestation that is to be.

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The Courtyard Fence of Death pp 579-581 (SH 287)

Savitri follows Satyavan in his journey through the Night. She reaches the domain where strange subconscious moods and dream-like visages and phantoms stare at her. Death turns to her being and cries to her to return back and go no further than this.

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Perfection (HH 247)

Mahasaraswati is the power of the Divine Mother who builds Perfectionю But what is Perfection, what does it mean and how we can open to this Perfection that is trying to express upon earth and in humanity?