TMV09 reincarnation

9.6 Families of Souls

How is it that we have met?

We have all met in previous lives. Otherwise we would not have come together in this life. We are of one family and have worked through ages for the victory of the Divine and its manifestation upon earth.

A Pilgrimage AM 1080

Chapter 7. From Darkness to Light

It was for the first time I got up to the first floor of Sri Aurobindo’s house. In the long verandah overlooking the wide courtyard below, there were big windows giving a wide view southwards… all the doors of all the rooms were open… Everywhere and on everything there fell an all-revealing light, nothing but light…

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The Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo (a talk in Hindi TH 035)

When the divine takes a human form, he brings with him some precious gifts for his lovely daughter earth. These are the dreams that he implants in earth’s subtle atmosphere. When earth and man is ready these gifts will begin to reveal themselves. In his well-known message given on India’s Independence, Sri Aurobindo mentions five dreams.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

A Window Glimpse of Truth, pp.192-193

The domain of Greater Life whose centre lies in our heart, allows a window glimpse of Truth. It lets us see Reality through a veil. A first hint of divinity and the distant call of the Divine is felt here as one enters this plane.

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5.2 Equality is the Very Sign of Liberation

We might say that equality is the very sign of liberation. To be free from the domination of the urge of vital desire and the stormy mastery of the soul by the passions is to have a calm and equal heart and a life-principle governed by the large and even view of a universal spirit.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Mystic Script of Life, pp. 191-192

Life runs along two parallel streams. The one with which we are more familiar is the surface life of man, its surface seekings, temporary satisfactions and sufferings. Behind it all there is a deeper yearning that one finds sometimes in this greater life, a glimpse of the deeper truth of Life.

TMV09 reincarnation

9.5 The Incarnation of Evolved Souls

Do many remember that they have passed over and are back again ?

When you reach a certain state of consciousness, you remember. It is not so difficult to touch this state partially for a short time; in deep meditation, in a dream or a vision […]

TH 213 How to make decisions

How to Make Decisions (a talk in Hindi)

An interactive session with children from Odisha school on the decision making process. The various levels and ways of decision making are discussed against a background of our integral growth and spiritual evolution.