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Onwards to a Greater Life, p. 172. End of Canto

Life starts its journey upon earth in a small insignificant way. It lives surrounded by darkness and shuts itself to Light and all that is greater and high. This is a first infant step that life takes in its stupendous journey, a step whose far end is the Life Divine.

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3.4 Renunciation

Self-will in thought and action has […] to be renounced if we are to be perfect in divine knowledge. This self-will means an egoism in the mind which attaches itself to its preferences, its habits, its past or present formations of thought and view and will because it regards them as itself or its own

07 Importance of the Inner Being

Importance of the Inner Being

In my meditations I try to bring down a force from above which will change the lower being.

A going up and up higher, though a part of the total necessary movement, does not by itself have any effect on the outer being […] the descent must first take place in the inner being. When the higher consciousness is settled in the inner being, then it can change the outer.

TMV07 the Hostile Forces

7.6 Resisting Hostile Forces

Will a time come when the hostile forces will be there no longer?

When their presence in the world is no more of any use, they will disappear. Their action is used as a testing process, so that nothing may be forgotten, nothing left out in the work of transformation.