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At the Feet of The Mother

The Curve Beyond Reason, p. 256-257

Opening Remarks
There are greater powers and possibilities awaiting their emergence. They are hidden in the folds of Light, are slow in reaching the Earth but powerfully transforming in their action.

Kingdoms of the rising Sun
In the bright kingdoms of the rising Sun
All is a birth into a power of light:
All here deformed guards there its happy shape,
Here all is mixed and marred, there pure and whole;
Yet each is a passing step, a moment’s phase.

As we climb further beyond Reason we are greeted by greater and greater dawns. It is there that we discover the true shape of things that are here deformed by the action of Darkness. Here we see the play of darkness and the strong hold of lower nature upon creation. There we discover the original purity and beauty in the light of a Higher consciousness. The climb from reason to the Supramental Truth is a graded climb with many steps and stages of our ascension.

The mediatrix
Awake to a greater Truth beyond her acts,
The mediatrix sat and saw her works
And felt the marvel in them and the force
But knew the power behind the face of Time:
She did the task, obeyed the knowledge given,
Her deep heart yearned towards great ideal things
And from the light looked out to wider light:
A brilliant hedge drawn round her narrowed her power;
Faithful to her limited sphere she toiled, but knew
Its highest, widest seeing was a half-search,
Its mightiest acts a passage or a stage.

Reason is an intermediary power. At its peak it begins to become aware of something higher and greater behind all that she has conceived and done, however marvellous they may be. Snow she seeks for greater things, a greater light not yet born upon earth. She seeks to widen her scope and come out of the narrow hedge that limits her seeing. Thus it becomes humble when it begins to intuitively sense a greater power that had guided its steps from behind. It sees how its greatest creations are still incomplete and something is missing an inner intrinsic sense, a fuller power that it must now search.

Fumbling in the night
For not by Reason was creation made
And not by Reason can the Truth be seen
Which through the veils of thought, the screens of sense
Hardly the spirit’s vision can descry
Dimmed by the imperfection of its means:
The little Mind is tied to little things:
Its sense is but the spirit’s outward touch,
Half-waked in a world of dark Inconscience;
It feels out for its beings and its forms
Like one left fumbling in the ignorant Night.

The Power that has gone into creation is wiser than Reason and acts with a sure Intuition of Truth that Reason cannot fathom. Reason is limited to appearances studying which in depth and detail it draws inferences. It has not the capacity to look deeper within that keeps it tied to little things. All that it understands, and that too very imperfectly, is the outer appearances and surfaces of things. It is like a half blind person struggling in the dark night to understand the truth and the Reality underlying creation.

A rule maker
In this small mould of infant mind and sense
Desire is a child-heart’s cry crying for bliss,
Our reason only a toys’ artificer,
A rule-maker in a strange stumbling game.

Our mind and senses have not yet fully evolved. They are yet in an infant stage. Driven by the desire-self, our Reason ends up creating toys for the little life to play with awhile. In its effort to understand the totality and immense complexity of life that it cannot behold, it ends up erecting certain rules of this game of games being played out by life in the field of creation.

Bounded prospect
But she her dwarf aides knew whose confident sight
A bounded prospect took for the far goal.

But Reason at its peak knows its limitations, the limitations of the date itself that it receives from the senses, thereby confusing a limited prospect for the far goal of creation and man.

An interim report
The world she has made is an interim report
Of a traveller towards the half-found truth in things
Moving twixt nescience and nescience.

Her present understanding is only an interim report, a provisional scheme of things drawn by a traveller moving through shades of darkness. This will be overpassed as we climb towards a higher, greater peak from where we can behold the whole.

When all is seen
For nothing is known while aught remains concealed;
The Truth is known only when all is seen.

Truth is not understood as long as we see it in bits and parts and try to ignorantly construct the whole from the little that we experience. It is only when our vision can become all-comprehending at once that we can truly know Truth or rather see It as a single whole.

Closing Remarks
This then is the next step awaiting our discovery. The curve of Reason is coming to a close but as it passes off greater and luminous powers are bound to emerge in man leading him with a greater surety towards Truth and Light and Beauty and the intended Perfection.

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