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At the Feet of The Mother

The Greater Plan, p. 256

Opening Remarks
Reason is the present summit of evolution but it is not the last. Whether we take the material perspective or the spiritual, evolution is bound to go further. Following the logic of evolution it would mean the inevitable emergence of new powers and faculties from Nature. This greater plan is now concealed to the eyes of common man but is glimpsed and experienced in varying degrees by the seer and sage and exceptional individuals.

The revolt of man’s heart
So might it be if the spirit fell asleep;
Man then might rest content and live in peace,
Master of Nature who once her bondslave worked,
The world’s disorder hardening into Law,—
If Life’s dire heart arose not in revolt,
If God within could find no greater plan.

Man believes that he can solve all problems of existence with the help of Reason whereas in reality the problem cannot even be understood fully by reason. Reason can meanwhile device laws and rules to organise our ignorant life. It cannot illumine it. The temporary peace that can come with the help of reason is conditional and subject to everyone following the rules and laws devised by it. To ensure this it holds the rule as sacred and imposes it with force of law. Thus society is organised with the help of Reason into some kind of an order. But this order is only a façade, a fair outside of a building while its inside is decaying and in disorder. Therefore the secret Spirit is breaking this old world order based on the supremacy of Reason. Therefore is man’s heart revolting in various ways so that the greater plan and possibility may emerge.

But many-visaged is the cosmic Soul;
A touch can alter the fixed front of Fate.

But the Spirit that works in the depths of creation assumes many a forms and faces to work out its incalculable purposes. One touch and the seemingly fixed front of Fate may completely change direction. That is what we see happening now as a greater truth struggling to emerge from behind.

A sudden turn
A sudden turn can come, a road appear.

Life and creation is full of the unexpected. The New Creation that is waiting round the corner or is already seeping into our cells will spring up in such unexpected ways thereby changing the course of doom that humanity seems to be writing for itself.

A greater Mind
A greater Mind may see a greater Truth,
Or we may find when all the rest has failed
Hid in ourselves the key of perfect change.

There are higher ranges and powers of the Mind itself that are bound to emerge. This greater Mind will understand and deal with creation in much better ways than man could. Not deluded or bound to appearances it will go straight to the secret key hidden within man, the key to perfection of our individual and collective life.

Ascending from the soil
Ascending from the soil where creep our days,
Earth’s consciousness may marry with the Sun,
Our mortal life ride on the spirit’s wings,
Our finite thoughts commune with the Infinite.

This greater Truth shall build its home in man. Thus human body embodying this greater Light will become a bridge between matter and the Spirit. Our human life, here, in a body built by matter will soar into higher and higher ranges of consciousness and our finite bounded thoughts draw their breath from the endless shores of Infinity.

Closing Remarks
Nature is preparing for this new emergence. The old world and its huge structures and institutions built with Reason are dying fast to give way and space to the new world order built on Intuition.

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