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At the Feet of The Mother

Individual and Collective Transformation (TH 142)

Nature is changing everything in the creation. Old body cells are replaced by new body cells with time. But then, why does the body still remains old? This is because Nature has kept this change in a groove. The change keeps revolving within this groove, and cannot go beyond it. Nature has purposely done this so as to maintain a balance between all species. The speaker discusses the process of cloning in this context. In its origin, there is a possibility of an old person becoming young (by a process of Kayakalp) thereby extending life. But life can not be extended indefinitely by this process. There is also an ultimate possibility of the physical immortality, but this can be effected only after the inner transformation. Increasing of child prodigies is an indication that more and more souls are getting ready for this by a process of evolution.

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