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At the Feet of The Mother

The Human Unity (TH 141)

Everything is connected to everything, and everything is connected to the Divine. Everything and everyone has a place and importance in the creation. Evil comes when things are not in their place. An illustration is the Chatur-Varna practiced in the past in a satvik society. It had a subtle truth, which was based on the reality of an inner life. The speaker explains how this truth got distorted over a period of time by the human consciousness. Speaker also explains how subtle truth in religions got distorted with time. The word of the scripture is true but the problem lies in our understanding. When one lives in Truth, whatever he says or does, is a grace in Divine point of view, and becomes a beautiful channel for progress of humanity. 

Brotherhood is the key to establish human unity. It can be found when one realizes the Self (atma-tatva) as the Origin. Fire of aspiration is the first condition to attain the Self. One attempt to realize human unity is the symbol of Jagannath Rath.

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