“Significance of the Relics” by Madhav P. Pandit

The special atmosphere created by the Relics must be tended, preserved by the devotees… It is a vibrant focus of a special spiritual Force that has been brought down from the world of Light on Earth to guide and lead its Journey to the Sun of Truth.


The Mother’s Dragons

The Mother commissioned this set of dragons for 15 August 1947 to celebrate Sri Aurobindo’s birthday and the independence of India. The embroideries were to adorn the walls, lintels and tables of Sri Aurobindo’s rooms.

Maggi Lidchi corrected

An Interview by Maggi Lidchi

Q: What was Mother’s room like? A: It was like walking into a different world; it was like being suspended half way between heaven and earth because of her presence. The room was always full of flowers and a sort of spiritual fragrance. The light was incredible.

Mona-da (6)

A Salute to Mona-da

Victoire à la Douce Mère! Vande Mataram!
Loud and clear rang his voice as we halted after the March-past, and all of us, our blood tingling, repeated Vande Mataram three times, and each time the salute to our Motherland and to our divine Mother grew more powerful.

Auroville a new field of experience 2a

Aster Patel: Auroville, a New Field of Experience

Auroville is a collective experiment. Among all the experiments going on in the world, this experiment of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is possibly the most difficult because it aims at a collective realisation, with far-reaching goals.

_DSC0114 mod MAA

Brahmanaspati Kshetram: A Quiet Seed

In a quiet back street of Edayan-chavadi village there is a neat house. This is Brahmanaspati Kshetram, a Centre dedicated to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. It is the loving creation of Rajan, the modest man who shows you around. Here is his story.

Memories of a Happy Islam

“Memories of a Happy Islam” – Zackaria Moursi

The reason I have left Egypt to spend my remaining years in an ashram dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is that I find this ashram to be, for me, the most suitable place to deepen in and around myself that solid peace on which, in the long run, a divine life can be established on earth.

Ambu 2

Ambu, the Mother’s Baby (part 2)

If there is one lesson Ambu wanted me to learn, it is this: turn to the Divine and nowhere else. Do not run after money, power, sex, name and fame. Live for the Divine, live for the Mother, and all else will be given to you.