A Video Interview with Babaji Maharaj (Sri Ramakrishna Das)

A smooth transition from the old to the new order of Yoga and from the undeclared position of a Guru to the position of a child of the Mother were no doubt remarkable achievements of this progressive sage, but no less remarkable were his humility, his austere way of living devoid of the slightest concern for personal comfort, his unfailing patience in satisfying the queries of visitors as well as his untiring guidance to hundreds of Study Circles formed in Orissa.

Dayanand cover

Dayanand Jamalabad – Interview on Auroville

In 1964, Dayanand was appointed by The Mother to search and secure lands for the realisation of Auroville. In this interview, he recalls those times and the spirit that was pervading the construction of the township, plus some comments and insights on other facets of the Auroville adventure.