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On the Law of Karma and Karmic Relationships

The sole purpose of the law of karma is to perfect ourselves and through us the world around us. The more we are attuned to the higher and highest state the more we engage and collaborate in fulfilling this purpose.  On the other hand, the more we deviate from this truth, the more we add up to the chaos and confusion.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

On the Relation of Science and Spirituality

… everything in creation has a material side as well as a spiritual truth that upholds it. Connecting the two is a whole mass of subtle and occult forces that form a watershed area between science and spirituality.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Cultivating True Love

Love, like all beautiful things and qualities, is Divine in its origin.  But as these Divine powers enter creation they get conditioned by the medium and the state of consciousness of the person holding it. Love in matter becomes the binding force between atoms and molecules. This is the first Read More

2021 Futureward


She shows us the way by Her own example. Let us follow in Her footsteps this coming year and leaving aside all our fanciful wishes go straight towards the ultimate Source, the secret key to change that lies within us. Let us start the first moment of 2021 with this resolve.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Integral Yoga and Other Spiritual Paths

In the Integral Yoga, we turn to the Divine Mother who is One and yet Infinite and hence can be approached by each individual in his or her unique way. The lack of a rigid structure allows for individual variations in our approach to the One Infinite Reality. <>

Reflections on Xmas

Some Reflections on Christ and Christmas

According to Sri Aurobindo Christ very much fits into the scheme of Avatars who came to earth with a special mission from the Divine. He based this not on any belief system nor through any religious faith in Christianity but on the intuitive knowledge of truths that are not normally accessible to men.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

The Difficulties and the Process of Surrender

The task of creating an individual is itself quite a painful one and requires constant opposition by people and circumstances around us. Surrender in its real sense begins once our individuality is formed.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Growing the Fire of Aspiration

… what we aspire for has already been granted at another level. That is what is meant by saying that aspiration seals our destiny.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Experiences on the Path

The coming and going of experiences does not indicate that we are doing good or bad things. These are human notions. Yoga is not done for having experiences but for a change of consciousness from the human to the Divine.

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The Mutual Debt (3) Earth’s Due to Heaven

This divine possibility is not just a nirvanic silence but the full flowering of the Divine Nature, the Divine Qualities,  the Divine Power, Divine Gnosis, Divine Peace and Bliss,  in one word the Divine Perfection within us.