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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Writings by Alok Pandey on Yoga

If you are already blessed to have such a feeling within you, it is a sign that She is already your friend, and all that is needed is to build the bond from your side, since friendship, unlike love, is always a two-way process.
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Since the moment of creation – if we can call it a moment, for with this moment time begins – there is a race between the forces of creation and those of destruction.
Dakshina is one of the four Vedic goddesses of Knowledge, the other three being Ila, Sarama, Saraswati - Truth vision, Truth audition, Intuition and right discernment, correspondingly.
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It is true that humanity tends to slide back after a strong evolutionary wave has passed over it lifting it up beyond itself. Yet all is not lost. The sliding back is never a return to the same point. It is a notch above.
Human attractions happen because of the thirst for love in every creature. But since our consciousness is turned outwards we always seek outside what we already carry within us.
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To transform someone needs one to have the transforming power which implies that the person engaged in this effort already has arrived at a reasonable transformation within
Saraswati is the presiding goddess of the last of the four Ages of mankind, who prepares the world for the new cycle of Creation, Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth.
The will can be developed like any other part by exercising it. Several exercises can be undertaken for developing the will.
One cannot replicate what happens in one person's life into another. That is the mistake that cults and religions do, by standardising the spiritual seeking and fixing methods and techniques.