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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Writings by Alok Pandey on Yoga

To each his way and his method but the most effective method is to form a real and direct relation with the Divine through faith, bhakti, consecration, service and surrender.
Psychic being is the name given in this yoga to the evolving soul in man. It is the indestructible divine element in man that passes from life to life through the doors of death
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Consciousness is not only a power through which we become aware of anything but also the power to create and build and destroy or rather absorb back all into itself.
The first thing needed is to open some window, however small, so that from time to time we can have a little glimpse and breathe a little air and let in a little sunshine without which one begins to experience stifled even possessing everything else in the world.
The Path is everywhere. We carry it wherever we go. It is carved by the fire of aspiration and the light of our faith.
The joining together of the Divine and His Shakti concealed behind and within Nature initiated a series of transmuting experiences leading eventually to realisation of this union as a collective possibility.
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We must differentiate Christ from Christianity, Buddha from Buddhism, Krishna from Krishna Consciousness and so on and so forth.