2020 Gratitude


A short video clip-meditation, based on texts from Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s writings. Produced by the Art-Studio “12 Qualities”


Surrender to the Divine (in Hindi)

A short video clip in Hindi based on the spiritual meaning of flowers: Surrender Rosa ‘Edward’, Perfect Surrender Rosa ‘Paul Neyron’, Loving Surrender Rosa (pink flower), Detailed surrender Rosa chinensis ‘Minima’.

The Meaning of OM cc

The Meaning of OM

A short video clip, based on a conversation of the Mother on the meaning of OM, recorded by Mona Sarkar. Drawings by Uttama.

2018 Sincerity (720p)_Art Studio 12 Qualities cover


A short video clip-meditation in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s writings.

From Night 1080 fin

From Night to Deathless Light

The Divine is the sure friend who never fails, the Power, the Support, the Guide. The Divine is the Light which scatters darkness, the conqueror who assures the victory.

Divine Flowers cover 1080

Divine Flowers at Savitri Bhavan

An exhibition of flowers opened at Savitri Bhavan on February 21, 2020. Flowers were displayed along with their spiritual significance as revealed by the Mother.

On Future 4

On Future Education

This short documentary offers some insight into ideals and broad concepts of the future education.

One more step cov1final

‘One More Step’ – an official trailer

The central theme of this film is: how can modern man face the problems of his inner life. ‘One More Step’ is produced and scripted by Shri Kush Sen, and directed by Shri Debajyoti Ghosh.