1.1 Health – The Spiritual Perspective

Introduction The recognition of a spiritual dimension of health by the World Health Organization (WHO) has indeed been a landmark event.  It is doubtful, however, that the full import and significance of this fundamental aspect of human existence has been grasped even by well-intentioned persons.  The reason is very simple.  The spiritual dimension is still Read More

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Two Talks of Prof Jagdish Vyas

Prof Jagdish Vyas (1932-2009) is a well known figure in the Integral Yoga community. He has left behind a large legacy, having contributed to the community in multiple ways, including founding and shaping a major center of Integral Yoga in USA (SAYFNA), authoring or editing multiple books and magazines related to Sri Aurobindo and The Read More


Man the Thinking Animal

Man the Thinking Animal. Circa 1934. Five handwritten manuscripts and one typed manuscript, the earliest contemporaneous with close-to-final drafts of “Transformation” and “The Other Earths”.



The Vedas are a living body of Knowledge. The body is a living Veda. Veda is the living body of knowledge that inspired the seers of Truth who saw in this world, hidden behind appearances, a secret All-knowing Wisdom, an occult Almighty Power at work. It is living in the sense that unlike a man-made Read More



Nirvana. August 1934. This sonnet was written while the texts of “Transformation” and “The Other Earths” were being prepared for publication in the Calcutta Review. It was published along with them in that journal in October 1934. There are two handwritten manuscripts and one typed manuscript of this poem.


The Other Earths

This sonnet was published in the Calcutta Review in October 1934. Its first draft occurs just after the first draft of “Transformation”, which is dated 16 October 1933; thus it belongs, in all probability, to the year 1933.


The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo

The yoga of Sri Aurobindo, also known widely as the Integral Yoga, is a yoga of Earth transformation. The aim of this yoga is not an escape from life or a shunning of worldly existence, but a radical change in our life even while living amidst it. Traditional yoga views life either as an illusion Read More



This sonnet was published in the Calcutta Review in October 1934. Two months earlier, Sri Aurobindo asked his secretary to type copies of this poem and three others (“The Other Earths”, “The World Game” and “Symbol Moon”) from the notebook in which they and others had been written.

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“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 02: The Original Savitri Legend

On the title page of Savitri you will find description which calls it ‘A Legend and a Symbol’. The legend of course is the story of Satyavan and Savitri, which is known to all of us in its’ Puranic and popular version. The original story goes back to Mahabharata, where the Pandavas are spending a lot of time in the forest…


Sri Aurobindo the Avatara (HH 185)

As we are approaching the Darshan Day of Sri Aurobindo’s birth, let us contemplate on His being as an Avatara, the Avatara of the future ushering for us an Age of Light and Truth and Life Divine.


A Student and Pupil of Nature pp 404-406 (SH 209)

Satyavan has not yet discovered the key to link the Spirit and Matter, his Soul and Nature, the inmost Self and World. Yet a strange prescience intuitively tells him that now he shall be able to bridge the gulf since She has come, the World-Mother wearing the garb of the princess Savitri.