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At the Feet of The Mother

A Labour in the Night, p. 258

Opening Remarks
Now we labour in the Night of ignorance. But this labour too is not vain. It prepares us to receive the Sun.

Flashes of an enlightening Fire
Even while her fingers fumble at the knots
Which bind them to their strange companionship,
Into the moments of their married strife
Sometimes break flashes of the enlightening Fire.

Reason has not the light to disentangle the knot of ignorance. Yet it tries and fumbles to untie the knot in which it is itself bound. In the process sometimes this effort brings in some flashes of illumination from the higher realms.

Great thoughts that walk alone
Even now great thoughts are here that walk alone:
Armed they have come with the infallible word
In an investiture of intuitive light
That is a sanction from the eyes of God;
Announcers of a distant Truth they flame
Arriving from the rim of eternity.

Even now while we still labour with the power of Reason there arrive flashes of intuition that reveal hidden truths and announce the future. These thoughts are far ahead of the times in which they are born and are often disregarded and discarded. But passage of Time proves them to be right.

A greater Gnosis
A fire shall come out of the infinitudes,
A greater Gnosis shall regard the world
Crossing out of some far omniscience
On lustrous seas from the still rapt Alone
To illumine the deep heart of self and things.

Yet Light of a higher Gnosis shall grow in man. His life and members shall be illumined by the fire that burns in its Home of infinite Truth. Arriving from the far end of Omniscience it will illumine the inmost heart of man and reveal to him the truths unseen and unrecognised by the little mind.

A timeless knowledge
A timeless knowledge it shall bring to Mind,
Its aim to life, to Ignorance its close.

This greater Gnosis shall bring a timeless knowledge to the Mind. It shall reveal to life its secret aim. It shall bring an end to the reign of Ignorance that is the source of much evil and suffering in man.

Closing Remarks
This passage is prophetic of the Supramental Light that shall break upon earth bringing the rhythms and powers of a New Consciousness.

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