Lila or The Divine Play (HH 227)

What attitude should we take in a world besieged with cruelty and evil? What exactly is this lila of Krishna that is difficult to understand? These are some of the questions we take up today.

Christ and Krishna (HH 226)

Just as Lord Rama brought the Sattwic mind into the earth play, so too Sri Krishna and Christ, as Avatars, bring divine gifts to the world. Each brings a new possibility, a new element into the Play.

Science and Spirituality (HH 224)

The question of science meeting spirituality remains unresolved. Surely a time must come when these two lines will unite. We need to wait for that hour without haste or impatience. It is against this background that we shall read something from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on this issue.

On Accidents (HH 223)

Accidents are a major source of suffering which one feels were quite avoidable. While one has to tackle this at different levels and find ways and means to reduce accidents, there is always something that we can do from our side to diminish its possibility and also the after-effects. This is the subject of today’s reading.

Champaklal – The Mother’s Lion (HH 221)

Champaklal was the living embodiment of the fire of yoga, aspiration and devotion, fusing into divine service. He was born to serve Them and it seems that like Hanuman, he came along with the Divine Avatara with a very specific work. 2nd February (1903) marks his birthday.

Not to Destroy but to Transform (HH 219)

Sri Aurobindo’s yoga makes many departures from traditional yogas, because with the experience and advent of the Supermind a new possibility opens for creation. It reveals that each and every element of creation not only has the Divine Presence within it but is actually moving towards a greater and greater divine becoming.

On “The Rishi” (HH 218)

This remarkable poem was written before coming to Pondicherry and is set in the period when one Age has vanished and the other is about to begin. King Manu encounters a Rishi who gives him the knowledge necessary for all times.

Divine Love as the Base and Core of Everything (HH 217)

Tomorrow is the day of Mahakali puja, and The Mother’s chair is kept at the Ashram where devotees go to receive the same Blessings and feel the invisible Presence watching over their destinies. Therefore we close this year’s readings with Divine Love. The 18th Oct is also Pranab Da’s birthday and hence we also take up a small extract from his stock of memories.

Esha di (HH 216)

On her birthday anniversary, we are recounting some episodes from life of Esha di (Esha Mukherjee), who came to the Ashram at the age of five and had a unique relationship with the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, who loved her deeply.