Not to Destroy but to Transform (HH 219)

Sri Aurobindo’s yoga makes many departures from traditional yogas, because with the experience and advent of the Supermind a new possibility opens for creation. It reveals that each and every element of creation not only has the Divine Presence within it but is actually moving towards a greater and greater divine becoming.

On “The Rishi” (HH 218)

This remarkable poem was written before coming to Pondicherry and is set in the period when one Age has vanished and the other is about to begin. King Manu encounters a Rishi who gives him the knowledge necessary for all times.

Divine Love as the Base and Core of Everything (HH 217)

Tomorrow is the day of Mahakali puja, and The Mother’s chair is kept at the Ashram where devotees go to receive the same Blessings and feel the invisible Presence watching over their destinies. Therefore we close this year’s readings with Divine Love. The 18th Oct is also Pranab Da’s birthday and hence we also take up a small extract from his stock of memories.

Esha di (HH 216)

On her birthday anniversary, we are recounting some episodes from life of Esha di (Esha Mukherjee), who came to the Ashram at the age of five and had a unique relationship with the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, who loved her deeply.

Message to America (HH 212)

One hundred and twenty five years ago on the 11th Sep 1893 Swami Vivekananda awakened the people of America with his speech at the Parliament of Religions. In 1949, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother also gave a message to America. These wonderful messages have a universal and perennial appeal about them.

Vision of the One and the Needed Patience (HH 211)

Yoga has been defined in various ways and each definition corresponds to some state that one arrives at by means of yoga. One such wonderful state described by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is ‘Oneness’. It is even one of the fundamental states to be experienced, a basis on which all else can be built. The essence of this condition is to see the Divine in all things and everywhere.

Some Prophesies and Workings upon Nations (HH 209)

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have acted both in the past as well as the present upon world events giving them a certain direction for the future. There were many points where they intervened thereby shaping our history. Today we take a look at one such slice of history with reference to the problems that India faces from the twin borders of China and Pakistan.

Sri Aurobindo and the French Revolution (HH 208)

The French revolution marked an important step in the earth’s evolutionary history. Sri Aurobindo has written extensively about it and as it seems was very much behind this revolution. Today’s talk is dedicated to this momentous event.

On Yoga, Past and Present (HH 207)

“… yoga itself has evolved and changed as humanity has evolved and changed. For each Age there is a yoga appropriate to the Age. It is in this context that we try to trace in brief the evolution of various yogic systems.”

Reflections on Russia (HH 206)

Russia is a land impregnated with the seed of spirituality. Deep within its past, it was the land through which ancient mystics or Rishis migrated from the Arctic region during the previous Ice-Age towards more habitable regions. Another way is to look within its soul that seeks to establish the Ideal of Brotherhood and Fraternity in humanity. Finally, to the devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Russia is indeed a special place being the place of Her last incarnation just before the present one.