Exploring Prosperity in Auroville

The film documents the Mother’s utopian vision of a prosperous society in Auroville wherein people selflessly work together to build & serve the community to create abundance and to realize their individual & collective potential spiritually.

The Mother - film cover

Meeting The Mother – Peter, Auroville (video)

Another installment of a documentary series on VIMEO, this one – featuring Peter Matthias Anderschitz, an architect from Berlin who has been in Auroville since 1971, sharing his experiences with the Mother. Directed by Fred Cebron.

The India Trip

The India Trip

A 1971 documentary by Bill Davis. This is a rare treat – includes a glimpse of a Darshan of The Mother, footage of Udar Pinto and Amal Kiran, Ananta and Austin Delaney, early Aurovillians and many other hard to find treasures. 

The Children of AV part 2 ver2

The Children of Auroville, part Two: Here and Now

The story of children who were born in Auroville or came here in an early age, grew up here and went out to further their education and decided to come back to Auroville. Their stories, their concerns and their dreams. A documentary film, 57 mins.

Unending Education in AV

Unending Education in Auroville

Unending education and constant progress are mentioned in the second article of the Charter, and are a fundamental characteristic of life in Auroville. In the video, three Aurovilians – Chali, Aloka and Deepti – are interviewed on the meaning and practices of unending education.

2009 City of the Dawn crop

City of the Dawn

A documentary film produced by New Momentum for Human Unity and directed by Christopher Buhrman, film explores the community of Auroville, India, demonstrating what is possible when people attempt to live together in a community beyond the boundaries of nation, religion and race.