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At the Feet of The Mother

The New World

The New World is already there. The Divine Mother ushered it with the words, ‘A New World is born, born, born….’ Yes it is still in its infancy stretching its limbs and feeling the touch of earth which is strange to it. Yet it is here to stay, to grow to progressively assert itself and one day be the king of earth.  It’s assertions are gentle like the soft breeze gladdening the summer earth. But if it is often difficult to hear the softer footfalls of the New World, it is easier to hear the thunder and roar of the old world that is passing away. Even in its passing it shouts and screams to draw our attention towards itself.

The rave and rant of the old world calls to us from every corner. It calls to us from the rooftops of the skyscrapers vying with the skies. It shouts at us from the share markets and the financial world crashing to the ground in a jiffy. It calls to us from places of worship to make the ignorant flock there in search of the God who is always within us. It draws our attention from the hospitals and the clinics where life is imprisoned in machines and sold over the counter to build a business empire. It calls us from the business houses where men are turned into production machines where the soul is sold for pounds and pennies. It cries to us from schools where education is sold and a child soon turned into a number and a percentage. Yes the old world is dying, dying, dying everywhere amidst the last ditch effort of the politicians and the war lords to resuscitate it and keep it alive.

Yet the New World is slowly and steadily asserting itself. It is growing in the heart of man as a dream of beauty dancing through his heart. It smiles at his life in the eyes of a child who seeks to break down the established patterns of the old life and attempt the new and the unknown. It stirs the brain with thoughts and images of an ideal world where death and suffering are not. Its hints and glimpses can be witnessed in an aspiration for perfection, for ideal love and flawless happiness. It chases and haunts us in our sleep waking us from the dense darkness of ignorance and revealing truths sublime in a prophetic moment or to the eye of trance when outbursts of an intuitive sight cleave the greyness of our brain opening us to a New light, a new thought gliding from the sun into the dark rooms of our mind.

Right now both the worlds are there. The dying world is still visible even as it burns on the pyre and the wailings of those who remain obstinately glued to the past. The new world is not yet visible but felt as a faith and an intuition in the songs of immortality, as the soul rising from the pyre and the grave smiling at all our follies and incomprehension of the meaning of our life and existence. Our knowledge appears to the New world as an ignorance since we are reading the script of life in an inverted manner. So too for those who still cling to the old world, the Wisdom of the New World appears as an impractical nonsense since it knows not the signs and the symbols of the imagery through which the new world is asserting itself. The two therefore run close and parallel to each other like a lining, one overlapping the other.

The New World is ready for us to step into it. We are unable to see it because it is of a subtle texture and make. It does not declare itself loudly nor proclaim itself through the beat of drums. It rather seeps inside us like the sunbeam and the air giving a new life and renewed hope, awakening in us a hew faith and a new aspiration. Its foundations are laid on a deep tranquil Peace and its walls are made up of a transparent sincerity. Its floor is constituted of oneness and its roof rests pillars of faith, aspiration, devotion and surrender to the One who inhabits all creatures as the Lord and Master. The House of the New World has been built by the Divine Mother’s Love and it is only with Her permission that we can enter and start living in it. She holds the key to its entry. The pilgrim staff of faith and the flame of aspiration helps us to find our way to the New world whereas surrender to the Divine and Infinite Mother are the means to keep us safe as move towards the New World against all the established forces of ignorance and falsehood that are waiting to ambush and to deceive us, to divert and distract us from the goal and the path. One has to be ready to enter and live in it lest our foolish pride and arrogance turns the fate of this new paradise the way of the old ones. Sincerity and Humility are needed to enter and live in it, love for Truth, for Perfection, for Beauty are required to live there. The courage and strength that are needed to sacrifice and let go off the old are the minimum needed to even enter its courtyards.

More and more souls are walking towards it, while some have already entered and started living there and operating from the New World and its New Consciousness. The sign is an intuitive knowledge awakening in their hearts, a light of liberating knowledge shown in their eyes, a limitless love and compassion gladdening their heart, a felicity and delight that fills their life with a rhythm of joy and peace, a trust in life, in God and in Destiny that frees them from all skepticism, cynicism and pessimism. Love for harmony is instinct in all their efforts and attempts. Even their bodies are changing. They respond much more swiftly to forces of a higher order that are shaping them inwardly and outwardly so that the personality and the form are in perfect harmony with each other and adapted to the new forces that are streaming down to awaken matter to new and higher possibilities of the future.

Alok Pandey, October 2020 

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