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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother’s Stories

These stories are not just stories; they are revelations of living truths conveyed to us by the Mother. Most of these stories were recorded as a part of Her “Entretiens”, conversations at the Playground in French (English translation of which is known as “Questions and Answers”). These selections were first published in French in 1994 under the title “La Mère Raconte”, and in 2001 in English as “Stories Told by the Mother”.

The stories are offered below in two groups, and also available in electronic format HERE
Several stories were recorded by Jhumur di. The player is below, and MP3’s for download are HERE

Stories Told by the Mother, Part 1 (text) 
52 short stories

– Stories Told by the Mother, Part 2 (text)
46 short stories

– The Mother’s Stories on Audio
33 recordings by Jhumur di, total duration 158 minutes