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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother Arrives (2/7) Taking Stock of the Present

On the centenary of the Mother’s final arrival on the 24th April 1920

A hundred years down the line, when we take stock, there is indeed much to rejoice but there is also much to reflect and ponder, much yet to work upon. A war of the conventional kind has become near impossible even though there are weapons of mass destruction. But man has turned his warring instincts into a new type of warfare. It is no more an open war but subtler, economic and biological warfare to speak of a few. This too we shall discard as a human race compelled by the evolutionary Force working within us, within earth.

At present there seems to be a race between the New creation and the old. A century back the New Creation was still a nascent conception. It was still forming in the womb of the old creation. Therefore the effort was to completely stop it. The War and Spanish Flu were the result of these adverse forces that had then stooped down upon earth. But now the new creation has been born and it is only going to grow stronger with each year. Hence the effort of these forces is to delay as much as possible the inevitable. Yet because now the Truth Consciousness is at work everything including obstacles and the obstructions will end up only hastening the process, making it more and more perfect.

It is now the supramental force, the force of Truth and hence it is bound to bring out in the open the real players behind the scene. It is bound to expose the human instruments that are active trying to delay the New Creation. More and more these instruments of the adverse forces will be exposed and a realignment of the world order take place just as it did after the two great wars. The only difference will be that this time the war and the flu will both be much weakened in their devastating effect compared to the 1914 – 1920 equivalent.

Of course third world war is out of the question but the dust and the rabble will no doubt be raised or rather was being raised just before the Pandemic set in. A century back also the Pandemic strangely, at least partially contributed to the stopping of the first world war even though the physio-sociological as well as occult origins of the Spanish Flu could be traced to the War effects itself!

This time too we see a strange repetition of events. The world was slowly getting into the war zone when the pandemic arose and changed everything. Its origin may well have been as a strategy of war itself or else an occult emergence due to man’s cruel dealings with animals and other creatures. But this time too it has neutralized the clouds of war, at least for the moment and realigning the world order.

There are many other things that are and will be the offshoot of the pandemic but of these we need not speak here. All that we need to remember is that the Divine uses everything for some secret good. Even out of evil He brings out good and out of death He brings out a new order and a new creation.

[to be continued]

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