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At the Feet of The Mother

The Missing Link

A pandemic is also a moment for us to reflect upon the nature of death as also on the nature of life. What is this mysterious state that seems to be the end of our existence? Is this what induces so much fear? On the one hand it is a fear that on one hand acts as a spur towards discovering new means for survival with many other related and important discoveries on the sides. Because of death and disease showing us the imperfection and fragility of the life we lead, mankind has plunged within to discover states of existence that await our discovery, the states that lie behind the curtain of the flesh and beyond the reach of suffering and grief. The first approach which we may call as scientific has led to ways and means of making life better by material means. The second approach has led to making life better by spiritual means. Man needs both and something else as well.

We need to keep finding ways and means to make this material cloak that we wear over our soul less burdensome, less prone to degeneration and disintegration, less subject to disorder and disease. We also need to find ways and means to make our psychological and social, our individual and collective existence more beautiful and harmonious, more worthy of our being human. The missing link however is a vast array of occult knowledge, a detailed knowledge about the various forces that operate from behind the scenes to support and conduct our every life and circumstances. Depending upon the angle of vision we may call this occult knowledge science (as it deals with forces and energies) or spiritual (as it leads us to a better understanding of our inner journey and communion with the Divine who dwells within all things.

An artwork by Alan Jacobs

At present this occult knowledge is missing both from the scientific and spiritual discourses. Science regards it as mere superstition since it does not follow the conventional approach towards discovering these hidden forces of life. Spirituality, at least the average Vedantic approach regards it as a distraction to the spiritual pursuit. But can we truly dream of making our earthly life perfect without this deeper knowledge to which only a few have admittance? Its wider application is still a far reach for humanity at large. But these are moments when we are challenged to explore the realms unknown. When we confront the limits of the known then it is time to go deeper and further into the unknown.

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