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At the Feet of The Mother

Spreading Hope and Faith and Peace and Strength and Certitude

We carry around us the atmosphere of our thoughts and feelings. It is this atmosphere that attracts or repels certain forces that weave the face and form of destiny for us. When we are full of desires and fears then there hover around us small little entities that are drawn spontaneously to feed upon these things. They grow by feeding fears and excitement and desires thrown out in the atmosphere. It is like drawing an animal towards us by spreading around us the smell of its favourite food. Quite naturally it will be drawn to us coming out of its hiding. On the other hand, if we spread out around us the atmosphere of peace and calm and a radiating confidence and joy then it repels the adverse forces whereas attracts the higher divine forces near us.

This drawing towards us of certain forces by the power of our psychological atmosphere not only effects us but also the earth. It builds up the collective earth atmosphere one way or the other. It is like a contagion of forces that spreads much more quickly and faster than the actual material vibrations of illness. And if to this atmosphere born out of confidence and trust we can add a prayer for all, a prayer that may the sick be healed, may those who are afraid be filled with trust and hope, may the blind see the light at the end of the dark tunnel, then there are no limits to the help that we can be instrumental in bringing upon earth and humanity. It may be a small help but just as all storms start with a little turbulence somewhere until they blow up elsewhere, so too our small little flaps of joy and peace will eventually cascade into a thing of tremendous power as it gathers strength by drawing similar elements from all around.

Let us then become a link for hope and faith and peace and strength and certitude. Even a little of it can counter much uncertainty, fear and agitation to which human life is constantly subjected.

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