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At the Feet of The Mother

The Little Mind (SVH 19) Book 2 Canto 10

This talk is a summary of Book Two Canto Ten of Savitri. A new journey begins, a new mountain climb. Aswapati has moved out of the vital worlds, seen its heights, sounded its abysses. Now he starts his climb through the mental worlds. At first he enters the kingdoms and godheads of the little mind. It is the world whose forces have formed our thoughts up till now. Here too we find a triple layer. First comes a thought based entirely on the sensory input. It is the physical mind that depends upon the sense data and builds its conclusions upon this shaky foundation. Then there is the vital mind, a mind of imagination that gives thought forms to desires and fantasy. Finally arrives reason proper that tries to reach out to the skies but falls far short. All its conclusions remain in the end inconclusive. Its search for truth, its effort to build a perfect world remains incomplete since it has neither the means of arriving at true knowledge nor the vision to comprehend the totality of things.

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