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At the Feet of The Mother

The Heavenly Psyche, pp. 486-487 & Closing Remarks for the Canto Two

Opening Remarks
Savitri has already achieved the highest that man can arrive at and is born to reach still greater possibilities.

A portion of the mighty Mother
All this the spirit concealed had done in her:
A portion of the mighty Mother came
Into her as into its own human part:
Amid the cosmic workings of the Gods
It marked her the centre of a wide-drawn scheme,
Dreamed in the passion of her far-seeing spirit
To mould humanity into God’s own shape
And lead this great blind struggling world to light
Or a new world discover or create.

Savitri had already accomplished this evolution in her own being. It is at this point that she experiences the descent of a portion of the Divine Mother, a sign that she is destined to be the centre of a mighty work as a partial incarnation of the Divine Mother amidst the workings of the cosmic powers. In her far visioned spirit she aspired to mould humanity into an image of God. She hoped to lead this blind struggling world to light or to discover and create a new world.

Earth must transform
Earth must transform herself and equal Heaven
Or Heaven descend into earth’s mortal state.

She sees that for humanity to be moulded into God’s image, Earth must be transformed by the descent of a higher Consciousness.

Vast spiritual change
But for such vast spiritual change to be,
Out of the mystic cavern in man’s heart
The heavenly Psyche must put off her veil
And step into common nature’s crowded rooms
And stand uncovered in that nature’s front
And rule its thoughts and fill the body and life.

But for such vast spiritual change it is necessary for the psychic being hidden in man’s heart cave to step into the front and take the lead of our further journey moulding our thoughts and filling our body and life.

Obedient to a high command
Obedient to a high command she sat:
Time, life and death were passing incidents
Obstructing with their transient view her sight,
Her sight that must break through and liberate the god
Imprisoned in the visionless mortal man.

Receiving an inner command from Above Savitri sat regarding Time, life and death as passing incidents. Her sight must break free from the transient vision of things and liberate the gods imprisoned in the visionless mortal man.

Find her soul
The inferior nature born into ignorance
Still took too large a place, it veiled her self
And must be pushed aside to find her soul.

For this she must push aside the lower nature, the veil of Ignorance, behind which the soul is hidden.

Closing Remarks
Thus Savitri becomes conscious of her mission and her work as an Avatar.


Closing Remarks for the Canto Two

This Canto reveals to us the first steps of Savitri’s tremendous journey that she must undertake. Moved by the presence of an adverse fate and the sting of grief, she refuses to succumb like ordinary humanity. Instead she chooses to fight and conquer. But first she must reckon with the human past as it stands up till now and the greater work yet to be accomplished. Though man has grown since his early primitive days, he is yet not the master of his fate or a conqueror of death despite all his inner and outer advancements and achievements. The key therefore has to be found in a yet to be accomplished work, the work for which she is born as a partial incarnation of the Divine Mother.

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