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At the Feet of The Mother

The Giant Head of Life, pp. 491-492

Opening Remarks
Having found release from the grip of senses Savitri enters the domain of life which poses a greater challenge.

Mightier danger
But now a mightier danger’s front drew near:
The press of bodily mind, the Inconscient’s brood
Of aimless thought and will had fallen from her.

Having come out of the busy hum of the bodily mind and surface desires and aimless thought and will pulling at Savitri, she now entered a larger space of life where a greater danger awaited her.

Ungoverned and vast
Approaching loomed a giant head of Life
Ungoverned by mind or soul, subconscient, vast.

She saw approaching the realm of Life and its giant head that could not be governed by mind or soul.

Might of power
It tossed all power into a single drive,
It made its power a might of dangerous seas.

This power of life tossed itself as a mighty dangerous sea.

Torrent of the speed of Life
Into the stillness of her silent self,
Into the whiteness of its muse of Space
A spate, a torrent of the speed of Life
Broke like a wind-lashed driven mob of waves
Racing on a pale floor of summer sand;
It drowned its banks, a mountain of climbing waves.

The power and speed of Life approached as a spate and a torrent into her blank stillness and musing space.

Enormous was its vast and passionate voice.

The voice of Life was enormous, vast and passionate.

Chainless Force
It cried to her listening spirit as it ran,
Demanding God’s submission to chainless Force.

As a Titan it cried to the listening spirit asking of God to submit to its unbridled Force.

Lust of power
A deaf force calling to a status dumb,
A thousand voices in a muted Vast,
It claimed the heart’s support for its clutch at joy,
For its need to act the witness Soul’s consent,
For its lust of power her neutral being’s seal.

It was a force deaf to everything save its own sound. It wanted others to submit blindly and dumbly to its thousand voices. It claimed the heart’s support for its hold upon joy. It claimed the witness Soul’s consent for its actions. It sought the seal of the neutral soul for its lust of power.

Grandiose gust
Into the wideness of her watching self
It brought a grandiose gust of the Breath of Life;
Its torrent carried the world’s hopes and fears,
All life’s, all Nature’s dissatisfied hungry cry,
And the longing all eternity cannot fill.

Into her wide witness self this force of Life brought a grandiose gust carrying the world’s hopes and fears in its torrent. It carried all life’s, all Nature’s dissatisfied hunger and the cry of longing that eternity cannot fill.

Closing Remarks
Savitri now enters the realm of Life and its powerful giant head.

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