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At the Feet of The Mother

The Fall, pp. 366-367

Opening Remarks
The coming of mind on the stage of earthly life has led to a fall from the simplicity and spontaneity of the plant and animal life. While this is a passage through which evolutionary force must pass, it is yet a painful passage that obscures and twists, diverts and deflects the direct response to Truth in man.

The dark ignorance of the fall
In man a dim disturbing somewhat lives;
It knows but turns away from divine Light
Preferring the dark ignorance of the fall.

The mind of man prefers the ignorance her than the Light for which it was born. Because with the coming of mind there develops the mental ego with its strong sense of separateness that resists surrender and opening to the Grace.

Her other self
Among the many who came drawn to her
Nowhere she found her partner of high tasks,
The comrade of her soul, her other self
Who was made with her, like God and Nature, one.

However even among the many who neared her and loved, none could be her partner and mate. None was there who could be her comrade, her other self, who was like her beautifully harmonising God and Nature within.

Too great was her demand
Some near approached, were touched, caught fire, then failed,
Too great was her demand, too pure her force.

Her demand on human nature was too great. Some drew near, were touched for a while then could not follow in her trails or bear the pressure to change of too pure a force as hers.

A severing distance
Thus lighting earth around her like a sun,
Yet in her inmost sky an orb aloof,
A distance severed her from those most close.

Even as the sun surrounds the earth with his light and yet remains far so too her inner being was far and aloof even from those most near.

Puissant and apart
Puissant, apart her soul as the gods live.

Even as the gods live on heights hidden by the light so too she lived puissant and apart.

Unlinked with the broad human scene
As yet unlinked with the broad human scene,
In a small circle of young eager hearts,
Her being’s early school and closed domain,
Apprentice in the business of earth-life,
She schooled her heavenly strain to bear its touch,
Content in her little garden of the gods
As blooms a flower in an unvisited place.

She had grown so far in a small circle of young hearts eager to be near her The contact with the world and the business of life taught her to bear the music of heavens to bear the touch of the earth. Divine qualities developed in her as blooms a flower in a place that is seldom visited.

Earth nursed the inhabiting flame
Earth nursed, unconscious still, the inhabiting flame,
Yet something deeply stirred and dimly knew;
There was a movement and a passionate call,
A rainbow dream, a hope of golden change;
Some secret wing of expectation beat,
A growing sense of something new and rare
And beautiful stole across the heart of Time.

The flame within her heart grew nursed by earth nature. Yet she felt and dimly knew a dream divine developing in her heart. She had brought with her the hope of a golden change, of something new and rare and beautiful that slowly grew secretly within her.

Closing Remarks
Thus was spent her early childhood and its contact with earth and material nature and her secrets that were yielded to her directly.

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