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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo's Life and Work

Let me, now, describe in short my first Darshan of Sri Aurobindo. My reader can easily imagine how with trembling feet and a heart all aflutter I crossed the threshold of the hall.
Sri Aurobindo’s return to India (6th Feb 1893) marks the beginning of a new era for India and the preparatory phase of Sri Aurobindo’s tapasya which He will engage with in Pondicherry. This tapasya is going to have wide and far reaching consequences for earth and humanity.
Before the 24th April Darshan it may be helpful to get into the mood and atmosphere of the early days of Sri Aurobindo’s arrival and the earthly lila of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Often this is the simplest way to open one’s heart to Their Love and Compassion and Grace.
When the divine takes a human form, he brings with him some precious gifts for his lovely daughter earth. These are the dreams that he implants in earth’s subtle atmosphere. When earth and man is ready these gifts will begin to reveal themselves. In his well-known message given on India’s Independence, Sri Aurobindo mentions five dreams.