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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri 3: The Great Boon (TH 132)

This talk is based on Savitri Book Three Canto four wherein Aswapati passing through the doors of the Unknowable is face to face with the Divine Mother. She shows him the vision of the luminous future awaiting earth but also the unpreparedness of man to receive it now. It must be a long wait before it manifests. But Aswapati insists and asks as a boon that the Divine Mother Herself should come and change the flow of time. The Divine Mother eventually consents. Her coming amidst our earth and humanity is the greatest of all boons that the earth has received. 

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What I want of you is not to love the Mother from a distance, but to become accustomed to feel her presence, her help, the working of her forces even when she is not physically present ... because it would give a great push to your Yoga.