Prayer of the Avatar (SVH 31) Book 3 Canto 4 part1

This talk is based on Savitri Book Three Canto Four, The Vision and the Boon.

Responding to the one-pointed aspiration of Aswapati to bring down here a greater diviner world, the Divine Mother appears on the threshold of his subtle yogic vision and envelops him. Overwhelmed by Her vision his entire being is thrilled. His very body and cells are touched and awake to the superconscient Delight. The Divine Mother has heard his cry and has come in response to his call. At first, She dissuades Aswapati from asking this boon of boons. Earth is not ready and man may not be able to bear the impact of the power of Truth once released upon earth. Aswapati persists in his aspiration seeking the divine Mother’s direct intervention and advent to prepare the earth and sow in it the seeds of Light and Truth and Immortality. Finally, the Divine Mother consents to come. She has granted Aswapati that She Herself will come down assuming a human form and change the law of doom into a law of everlasting Truth and Love.

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