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Opening Remarks

In the previous Cantos we are told that by the power of Intuition, the Seer-King Aswapati discovered, “A Secret knowledge masked as Ignorance.”

Indeed this knowledge can only come as our consciousness is more and more intuitivised.  One cannot arrive at this knowledge by studying and analyzing the surface phenomenon by our surface mind and its limited operations. One cannot arrive at this knowledge by analyzing the sensory data alone. A higher light, a deeper seeing must emerge to lead us to the doorway of this secret knowledge hidden in the heart of creation. That is why it is secret since it cannot be arrived at by the senses and the mind.

In this canto we are given a glimpse of this secret knowledge discovered by the yogi and seer Ashwapati.

In this Canto we see Seer King Aswapati experiencing something new and unprecedented in the history of Yoga. In response to his new aspiration that wants perfection here upon earth, in the material frame itself, he is given a glimpse of the Splendours of the Spirit hidden in the higher hemisphere of existence.
What follows next is hurried glimpse of the Higher Hemisphere. What he has now glimpsed from the translucent screen of the Overmind must be entered into and experienced directly. This will be described in details later.
Aswapati now sees the worlds that lie concealed in the higher Hemisphere of existence. He stands now at the borders of the two hemispheres and from this vantage point gets a glimpse of the Supramental world, even though from the outside.