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At the Feet of The Mother

Integral Surrender | An Offering to the Mother on Her Birthday

INTEGRAL SURRENDER – a bhajan by Alok Pandey, singer Jyotika

Mother, may I just drown in you
And lose my whole identity in you

Neither me nor the world shall remain
In all may I see only your face
Everywhere may I see only you
And nothing but You, only You.

May I breathe only for you
My heart beat with your rhythm
Every drop of blood surrendered to you
Every cell an adorer of you

May my heart be full of your love
All emotion reach out to your love
My thoughts forever with your radiance shine
My voice be full of your sweetness’ wine

Accept this little prayer O Mother
Wherever I am, never be far from me
If I go stray, You yet be with me
If I fall O Mother then You hold me

However many times I live and die
But in both may I see only You
Through every birth may I serve you
And your love alone be my joy and bliss

Nothing more i need, nothing more i want
Forever and ever may I love only You.

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