An Inner Shift p 32

Opening remarks
This ascension that is the result of a growing union with the Divine leads to a shift of the station of Consciousness. This leads to a reversal, a radical change in our self-regard and world-regard, the way we see ourselves and the world.

Beyond the earthly Mind
His centre was no more in earthly mind;
A power of seeing silence filled his limbs:
Caught by a voiceless white epiphany
Into a vision that surpasses forms,
Into a living that surpasses life,
He neared the still consciousness sustaining all.

Yogi and Seer Aswapati ascends beyond the mind and makes the higher realms now his normal station. He dwells in the luminous Silence that one encounters in the realms beyond Mind. It is a life of vastness and luminous silence that looks upon hidden truths that he now experiences.

A Silent Knowledge and Calm Strength
The voice that only by speech can move the mind
Became a silent knowledge in the soul;
The strength that only in action feels its truth
Was lodged now in a mute omnipotent peace.
This Silence of the higher realms is the matrix in which true knowledge can descend and the omnipotence of the Divine plays freely in the human vessel. Ordinarily we become aware of knowing only through thoughts and words or feel our strength only through action. But this is a higher knowing and greater strength that is self-existent in the luminous Silence and Peace of the Divine.

God’s Calm
A leisure in the labour of the worlds,
A pause in the joy and anguish of the search
Restored the stress of Nature to God’s calm.

To enter and dwell in these domains is to find true and luminous rest that restores and rejuvenates Nature.

Closing remarks
The road to Self-Realisation undertaken by Aswapati is through a stilling of the Mind leading to an ascension into a vast, luminous and powerful Silence Above.

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