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At the Feet of The Mother

Indias Contribution and Role in the World (TH 137)

In this conversation the speaker throws light on the crisis of Indian culture in the world context. Indian civilization for thousands of years discovered the reason and goal of life and established the high values in normal life. It established sanatana dharma, discovered all the science behind this material phenomenon and the spirit upholding them. But in the course of time, this land was attacked many times by brutal forces and ruled by rakshasic powers. India’s glory was reduced to a certain extent, but its spirit remains undaunted. Sri Aurobindo reestablished and reinforced the lost or eclipsed glory by bringing out great and new lights of truth and knowledge. The time has come when India has to once again assume her role as the world guru and gift her light to the world.

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You must really get rid of this idea that you are imagining things like the silence and wideness; an experience is not untrue because it is vague. If it is vague at first, it will deepen and intensify afterwards; but it must be affirmed and accepted, not denied and doubted.