Gita 1: Adhikara Bheda (Fitness for Spiritual Life) (TH 093)

There are questions where it is asked that if supramental power is working, why it is not visible widely. The answer could be long, but certain aspects are already visible as early signs. The power does not work the way we expect rather  it works in accordance with the truth. Media mostly focus on political developments and negative news. It has yet to grow to see the Truth. Advertisement is detrimental to the way of work as unprepared instruments may hamper the purpose; that is why in India, the preparation of a person certainly mattered when spiritual knowledge was bestowed. Adhikara or the preparedness to receive and execute the superior knowledge is needed as simple inquisitiveness is not enough to have the knowledge. A narrow mind cannot understand or misinterprets the truth which is dangerous. In Gita, Sri Krishna again and again explains the necessity and significance of right attitude. Samata, wideness, dedication and devotion to the Lord settles spontaneously when a person is committed to realize God.

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