April 10, 1914

“SUDDENLY the veil was rent, the horizon was disclosed, and before the clear vision my whole being threw itself at Thy feet in a great outburst of gratitude. Yet in spite of this deep and integral joy, all was calm, all was peaceful with the peace of eternity.”

April 17, 1914

I have now understood that so long as there will be a manifested universe, the “I” will remain necessary for Thy manifestation… But what must be radically and definitively suppressed, is the illusory thought … of the separate “I”. At no moment, in no circumstances must we forget that our “I” has no reality outside Thee.

May 22, 1914

“Nothing is in the universe but Thy life, Thy light, Thy love[…] Thy divine love floods my being; Thy supreme light is shining in every cell; all exults because it knows Thee and because it is one with Thee.”

May 26, 1914

ON the surface is the storm, the sea is in turmoil, waves clash and leap one on another and break with a mighty uproar. But all the time, under this water in fury, are vast smiling expanses, peaceful and motionless.

June 04, 1914

Who can resist Thy divine power? Thou art the sole and supreme Reality.
My being gathers itself in a mute adoration and everything disappears that is not Thou.

August 27, 1914

Let me be consumed with this love divine, love powerful, infinite, unfathomable, in every activity, in all the worlds of being!

September 25, 1914

O DIVINE and adorable Mother, with Thy help what is there that is impossible? [..] Thou hast accepted us as fit intermediaries between the unthinkable realities and the relativities of the physical world, and Thy constant presence in our midst is a token of Thy active collaboration.

September 28, 1914

A day will come when the harmony shall be achieved and all the country shall be, by its very life, the bearer of Thy word and Thy manifestation. But meanwhile my pen is mute to chant Thy praise.

October 14, 1914

Lord, thou hast given me the happiness infinite… What being, what circumstances can have the power to take it away from me?

October 25, 1914

In the perfect silence of my contemplation all widens to infinity, and in the perfect peace of that silence Thou appearest in the resplendent glory of Thy Light.

March 3, 1915: On board the Kaga Maru

But immediately the aspiration rises, still more ardent, “Spare this being all weakness; suffer it to be the docile and clear-eyed instrument of Thy work, whatever that work may be.”

March 30, 1917

How humiliating to ask something for oneself from Life or from the Supreme Consciousness which animates it! […] For all is within our reach, only the egoistic limits of our being prevent us from enjoying the whole universe as completely and concretely as we possess our own body and its immediate surroundings.

March 31, 1917

… all earth sings a hymn of gladness, the grasses shudder with pleasure, the air is vibrant with light, the trees lift towards heaven their most ardent prayer, the chant of the birds becomes a canticle, the waves of the sea billow with love, the smile of children tells of the infinite and the souls of men appear in their eyes.

April 7, 1917

What difference is there between the human body and the body of a tree? In truth, there is none, the consciousness which animates them is identically the same.

Oiwake: September 3, 1919

“… Nothing remains of the past but a potent love which gives me the pure heart of a child and the lightness and freedom of thought of a god.”

October 23, 1937

GLORY to Thee, O Lord, who triumphest over every obstacle.
Grant that nothing in us shall be an obstacle in Thy work.
Grant that nothing may retard Thy manifestation.