Pursuing the Path without an Embodied Guru

Pursuing the Path Without an Embodied Guru (03)

“As to the question of pursuing the Path without an embodied Guru – well, we may not be able to see Her, but She is able to see us, and yoga depends primarily on the Divine rather than on human end… ” (CN03)

Collective harmony

On Collective Harmony (04)

A selection from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on Harmony and Cooperation, as well as recording of a conversation between Alok Pandey and Narad on this topic. (CN04)

The Soul of India

The Soul of India (09)

“…India is a grand old laboratory, chosen by the Divine for a certain kind of evolutionary experiment. It is country, containing all the desiderata of the past, making it an amazingly complex, many-sided, fascinating Motherland, Mother, Goddess.” (CN09)

The Mothers Mahasamadhi

The Mother’s Mahasamadhi

Alok Pandey in conversation with Narad speaks about a mystery of the Divine Mother’s accepting birth in a human body and then leaving it, and practical consequences of this for spiritual practice of Her devotees and followers. (CN13)