The Way of Bhakti (a talk in Hindi TH 026)

Love is the crown and fulfilment of yoga, says Sri Aurobindo. His writings are full of their emphasis on surrender and faith. Also we find that the Mother’s Diary, now printed as Prayers and Meditations, shows us by her own example the way of devotion and surrender. The Mother established this perfect and integral surrender first time in the earth consciousness and showed us the way too. The lock of the spirit can open by the triple key of work, knowledge and bhakti. If knowledge is taken as light and work as path, then bhakti is the key to the divine doors. Or we may say that if knowledge is the head and works are the limbs, then bhakti is the very heart of yoga. The talk brings us the significance, importance and the way to achieve it with numerous examples.

Recorded in 2009.

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