The Mother’s Conversation on Savitri, read by Nolini-da

On the 18th January 1960; when a young sadhak met the Mother for a personal interview, She said to him: “I shall give you something special; be prepared.” The next day, She ….. started speaking about Sri Aurobindo`s great epic Savitri and continued to speak at length.


2.2 The Human Body: A Mystery’s Workshop

We are so used to seeing the body so much as organs, tissues, cells and their functions that we fail to observe any consciousness inherent in it. Is the body something unconscious, a machine driven by mechanical energy? It may appear so at first, but a deeper probe reveals that a consciousness stands behind the seemingly unconscious machine.

08 The Call of the Impossible

The Call of the Impossible

1934; revised subsequently. Four handwritten manuscripts and one typed manuscript. This poem began as a variant of “The Silver Call”: the first lines of the two poems were once identical — “There is a godhead in unrealised things” — and the first rhyming words remain the same even in the final versions.


The heavenly bard and divine messenger Narad, pp 413-416 (SH 214)

Meanwhile, in the Seer-King Aswapati’s palace, Narad, the demigod, choses to descend! As always he brings with him a strange mix of good news and a bad news. But in fact the attribution of good and bad is our doing, or rather the mind’s way of looking at things. Narad simply brings down to man the word of Fate.

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Conversion of the Asura and the Adverse forces (HH 189)

Like all beings, the Asura too has his destiny. It is to be either annihilated or else undergo conversion and transformation. But they can do this only through a human body because of the presence of the psychic being. Man has a role to play in this conflict between the Devas and the Asuras. His soul is the battlefield where the powers of Light and Darkness meet and wrestle. He has to make a choice, a decisive choice so to say. It is man who lends the power to the action of the Adversary and it is man who can make them flee.


2.1 The Human Body

A doctor who can assist in awakening the consciousness in his patient gives the ultimate remedy and boon of lasting health. Drugs have a role but that is only temporary. The last word of cure lies in the power of health and healing, still concealed as a possibility in the consciousness of man, nay in the very consciousness of the cells.

07 Evolution [1]

Evolution [1]

Evolution 1, a sonnet by Sri Aurobindo. Written in 1934, revised 1944. Five handwritten manuscripts and one typed manuscript. This poem and “The Silver Call” were often worked on together.
Recitation by Aravinda Maheshwari.


The wedding of the eternal Lord and Spouse, pp 410-411 (SH 212)

The coming together of Man and Woman is simply a symbol, a distorted reflection in our human Ignorance, of the coming together of two seeming opposites, Purusha and Prakriti, Soul and Matter, Heaven and Earth. This profound inner truth of our inmost heights is being revealed to us through the marriage of Savitri and Satyavan…

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Deva and Asura (HH 188)

Evolution is not magic but a real-time event that takes place through steps and processes. Each stage carries its own hazards and challenges, brings its own set of opportunities; opens doors to the highest and the abyss. At any given point of time we may either turn towards the heights or else look towards the abyss. To turn towards the heights is to move towards the godlike nature. To turn towards the abysses is to increase the Asuric propensities in us. The road to Supermanhood passes through an increasing embodiment of the godlike nature…


1.3 The Human Body – a Spiritual View

From the Yogic point of view each part of the body is symbolic of a higher movement that is reflected here in a more or less distorted manner. Yet there is a subtle correspondence between the two. Now the effort of evolution translates itself in physical terms to create a perfect body that is truly representative of the higher states of consciousness, a body moved entirely by the higher forces and energies rather than by their lower and lesser counterparts as of now.


The Silver Call

The Silver Call. Written on or before 25 April 1934 (when Sri Aurobindo quoted five lines in a letter to Dilip Kumar Roy); revised 1944. Five handwritten manuscripts and one typed manuscript; the first handwritten manuscript was written shortly after those of the two preceding sonnets. The original poem went through several versions, eventually becoming two, “The Silver Call” and “The Call of the Impossible”.


The Moment of Acceptance pp 408-409 (SH 211)

Satyavan has spoken his deepest heart out to Savitri. Savitri has seen and heard and felt with her inmost heart that the one whom she has searched for is here, embodied in the being of Satyavan. She accepts and, coming down from her chariot, reveals her choice through words and symbol gestures.