Freedom from Ignorance (a talk in Hindi TH 020)

There is a difference between the ordinary life, religious life and the spiritual life. They are different not only in the goals and motives but also in processes and attitudes we have towards self and world and others. For example, from the stand point of yoga it is not important what you do but the consciousness in which it is done, says the Master. Change in outer life does not make a change of inner consciousness. Our real self, the soul is like a seed but that is covered by many layers of ignorance. But this ignorance is also a shadow of divine. The How and Why of this Ignorance is also explained by the speaker. Freedom from Ignorance through emergence of the soul and manifestation of its divine qualities in our life is fundamental to this yoga. All the activities of life from very physical work to most intellectual must become a part of the yoga and offered to the Divine. Each work can then become a way to God realization.

Recorded in 2009.

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