The Self of Mind (SVH 22) Book 2 Canto 13

This talk is a summary of Book Two Canto Thirteen of Savitri. Here cease the limits of Mind. It is the great dividing line and emerging beyond it one experiences the complete stilling of all mental conceptions and cognition. Even the highest conceptions appear illusory and a travesty of Truth that appears at this plane as something bare, impersonal, cold and aloof, something that has nothing to do with form and names that are mere constructs of the Mind. Even at its highest, they are still constructs and nothing else. Thought, sense, the heavings of the heart and the will and passion to be ceases there in a mute silence. All is plunged in the nirvana of a vast impersonality, formless, causeless, a state of escape into vacant Nothingness. It is not the state of pure Existence but of Its reflection in the mind substance.

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