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At the Feet of The Mother

The Path of Surrender and the Bud of Love, pp. 278-279

Opening remarks
The bud of love awaits its hour to blossom in the human heart, and when that happens, life turns into a perpetual bliss.

Unknown Beloved
Here too its bud is born in human breasts;
Then by a touch, a presence or a voice
The world is turned into a temple ground
And all discloses the unknown Beloved.

The bud of love is there in the human heart. It can awaken suddenly to a touch or a voice or even a look that represents to it the Divine Presence. Once awakened, life turns into a sacrament and worship offered to the unknown Beloved who is seated within us and in the heart of all things.

Soul opens to felicity
In an outburst of heavenly joy and ease
Life yields to the divinity within
And gives the rapture-offering of its all,
And the soul opens to felicity.

It is love that opens our life to divinity in a rapture of self-giving. Then this world turns into heaven bringing joy and peace and felicity.

Secret Grace
A bliss is felt that never can wholly cease,
A sudden mystery of secret Grace
Flowers goldening our earth of red desire.

The soul opens and its powers begin to emerge from within remaking our life. We experience the bliss of the Divine and the wonderful Grace that had remained hidden to our desire-burdened earthly sight.

All the high gods
All the high gods who hid their visages
From the soiled passionate ritual of our hopes,
Reveal their names and their undying powers.

The great gods hid within our being due to blinding desires and hopes begin to reveal their powers

The miracle for which our life was made
A fiery stillness wakes the slumbering cells,
A passion of the flesh becoming spirit,
And marvellously is fulfilled at last
The miracle for which our life was made.

Even the body cells are thrilled by the Divine Touch and experience the stillness and the bliss that built the worlds. At last, our life finds its true purpose which is to discover and manifest the Divine.

Spiritual Space
A flame in a white voiceless cupola
Is seen and faces of immortal light,
The radiant limbs that know not birth and death,
The breasts that suckle the first-born of the Sun,
The wings that crowd thought’s ardent silences,
The eyes that look into spiritual Space.

The psychic flame is seen and within it the radiant gods with luminous bodies and immortal limbs. We begin to feel and see the World—Mother, the Mother of the gods who suckle her radiant breasts for wisdom and bliss. We are surrounded by the wings of Glory and Grace that brood upon earthly life and look upon it with a Divine Compassion.

Centres of celestial force
Our hidden centres of celestial force
Open like flowers to a heavenly atmosphere;
Mind pauses thrilled with the supernal Ray,
And even this transient body then can feel
Ideal love and flawless happiness
And laughter of the heart’s sweetness and delight
Freed from the rude and tragic hold of Time,
And beauty and the rhythmic feet of the hours.

Under the touch of the soul, our hidden centres in the subtle body called chakras begin to open like flowers under the sun. Our mind and body are thrilled with the Divine power flowing through our system. We begin to experience ideal love and flawless happiness and the laughter born of sweetness and delight. The tragic hold of time and all crudeness and rudeness leaves us and time attunes itself to the rhythm of harmonious beauty and love.

Closing Remarks
This is the route through the heart where the psychic being resides in the lap of the Divine Presence. Its touch can completely remake our life into an image of beauty and bliss.

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If the mind and the vital can feel and accept the soul’s sheer love for the Divine for His own sake, then the sadhana gets its full power and many difficulties disappear.