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At the Feet of The Mother

Secret Worlds of Splendour and Bliss, p. 279

Opening Remarks
A world of beauty and bliss awaits our discovery in the secret heart.

Immortal kind
This in high realms touches immortal kind;
What here is in the bud has blossomed there.

This route that opens through the heart climbs high and reaches the realm of the great Gods. What is here as a possibility is found in its fullness there. Man himself is potentially a god but he must discover his psychic being and allow it to blossom fully. Then he too will embody some aspect or the other of the Divine which is what the gods are.

House of Flame
There is the secrecy of the House of Flame,
The blaze of godlike thought and golden bliss,
The rapt idealism of heavenly sense;
There are the wonderful voices, the sun-laugh,
A gurgling eddy in rivers of God’s joy,
And the mysteried vineyards of the gold moon-wine,
All the fire and sweetness of which hardly here
A brilliant shadow visits mortal life.

There is the psychic realm where godlike thoughts arise naturally and wonder and delight are in the very atmosphere. There, in the fullness of supramental splendour all is beauty and laughter and bliss. It is the house of Flame where only those can dwell whose natures do not cast a shadow in the Light. All the idealism, the sweetness and fire of aspiration we experience here is only a faint shadow and reflection of this high realm.

Flutings of the Infinite
Although are witnessed there the joys of Time,
Pressed on the bosom the Immortal’s touch is felt,
Heard are the flutings of the Infinite.

This high realm is not a blank state in the Eternal. It also houses the joys of Time but in their original plenitude and truth. There one experiences the Immortal’s touch and hears the flute of the Infinite.

Imperishable beatitudes
Here upon earth are early awakenings,
Moments that tremble in an air divine,
And grown upon the yearning of her soil
Time’s sun-flowers’ gaze at gold Eternity:
There are the imperishable beatitudes.

The joys we experience here are but early awakenings towards that gold Eternity and imperishable beatitudes. Something within us yearns for That as sun-flowers gazing towards the sun.

Unseen epiphany
A million lotuses swaying on one stem,
World after coloured and ecstatic world
Climbs towards some far unseen epiphany.

It is the region of the thousand petal lotus where the series of worlds climbs and culminates. Beyond this domain of the thousand-petalled lotus is the yet unseen Supramental world towards which our nature seeks to climb and for which our souls secretly aspire.

Closing Remarks
This path of love climbs through the inmost heart and opens upon the supramental world passing through worlds of beauty and bliss.

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